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Elements of Design

Sew Beautiful Interiors High Point Market Spring 24 Decorative Shade

Curvilinear forms dominated furniture, case goods, lighting designs, reflecting a trend toward organic shapes.

Decorative Shades

The reoccurring theme was “cottage chic,” characterized by small scaled organic floral prints and checks, creating a cozy, and inviting atmosphere. Fabric covered lamp shades were abundant, adorning both traditional and modern style sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps, adding warmth and texture to spaces.

Furniture With Curved Lines

This combination of curvilinear forms, cottage-inspired prints, and fabric-covered lighting fixtures created a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary elegance, offering a fresh take on classic design elements.

Sew Beautiful Interiors High Point Market Spring 24 Bedroom
Sew Beautiful Interiors High Point Market Spring 24 Button Contrast
Button Contrast

In the world of interior design, certain elements never go out of style. Among them, button-tufted furniture stands as a timeless symbol of sophistication, luxury and classic elegance. From plush sofas to elegant headboards, the addition of contrasting button-tufting adds a touch of refinement and character to any piece. To construct button-tufted furniture involves careful attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship, but added to any piece will bring a touch of old-world charm to modern interiors.


Sweet scallop detailing was plentiful across the High Point Market showrooms. With its graceful curves and timeless appeal, scallop detailed furniture adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any room. From tables and chairs to ottomans and headboards, scallop detailed furniture has made a significant mark in the realm of design.

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