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Durability, Lightfastness and Stain Resistance

When it comes to upholstery, performance fabrics are known for their easy cleanability and durability. Trademarked under various brand names like Crypton, Indoor-Outdoor, and Sunbrella, each offer unique features and qualities. Read on to explore the various options available and to find the perfect fabric for your next upholstery project.

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When selecting a fabric for its durability, it all comes down to abrasion testing and resistance. The higher the double-rub count (back-and-forth motion for wear and tear), the higher the durability of that fabric. As a rule of thumb, a fabric with 15,000 or more double rubs is recommended for high use pieces. For example, at 20,000 double rubs, a sofa used 5 times a day will last at least 10 years!
Lightfastness, measured in hours, is the degree to which dyes in fabrics resist fading due to UV exposure. Brands like Sunbrella, Bella-Dura, Perennials and Inside Out have higher degrees of lightfastness, making them a great choice for your investment and your space — whether indoors or out.
These brands are also higher on the scale for their stain resistance. Liquids and fine particles are prevented from adhering to the fabric due to the nature of the fibers, or a special chemical coating applied during the looming process.
Crypton, a trusted indoor performance fabric, is engineered to offer lifelong stain, moisture, and odor protection. Many top brands partner with Crypton, making it an easy performance choice with numerous design options to choose from. How might we incorparate these versatile fabrics into your next decorating project?

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